Random Designers Make Better Jerseys Than The Pros

13 Aug


Further proof that the “professional” uniform designers working for the world’s major equipment manufacturers are under some secret orders to ruin every sport from an appearance standpoint.

A fashion Designer by the name of Nerea Palacios has posted a project on Behance with a redesign of every MLS team uniform, MLS Atlanta included. The overall project is to design in the style of Nike, then Under Armor, then New Balance. The Nikes were first up.

Atlanta got a great design, though I’m pretty sure at this point, someone would have to actively attempt to go into left field to screw up the red and black vertical stripes with gold trim.

Go take a look. Some folks have said several are great and some are “really insane.” I think they are all pretty decent. Which do you think are the bad ones?

Nerea Palacios
Barcelona, Spain


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